The Battle of Barison was a conflict between the Imperial Remnant and New Republic in 13 ABY in the Barison system..


Following the New Republic victory against Moff Getelles of the Antemeridian sector, the New Republic pushed through the neutral Borderland Regions toward the Hydian Way, border of the Imperial Space. The Moffs of the Imperial Remnant, fearing the shift of power in the region, ordered Admiral Gilad Pellaeon to move his forces across the Hydian Way.[2] Torn away from his campaign against the planet Adumar, Pellaeon brought his forces into the fight against the New Republic.[1]

The battleEdit

While a part of the Imperial forces attacked New Republic forces in the Lucazec system, the other engaged the Republic in the Barison system. The Empire was victorious and inflicted substantial casualties to the New Republic.[2]


The Imperial forces victoriuos at Barison continued their progression to the Arda system where they were eventually defeated.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle makes its unique appearance in The Essential Atlas. The battle is only illustrated on the galactic map of the conflict.


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Galactic Civil War
(2 BBY19 ABY)
The Post-Reborn Empire (11 ABY14 ABY)

Adumar and the Nam Chorios crisis – 13 ABY

Borderland Regions campaign
(13 ABY)

Lucazec · Barison · Arda · Quell · Celanon

Restored Empire crisis – 13 ABY

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