The Battle of Bundim took place during the Galactic Civil War. In the first years of the conflict, the planet Bundim was the world where the Rebel Alliance was the most active in the Trax sector. The Rebel network had grown strong and powerful on the planet. The public opinion had swung over to favor the Rebellion and the local government secretly tried to remove Imperial influences from the world. But when this situation was discovered by Imperial agents planted on Bundim, a brutal crackdown was decided and swiftly launched.

A fleet of Imperial warships tightly blockaded the system, destroying any merchant ship that tried to enter or leave the planet. After several days, Imperial troops, including two battalions of stormtroopers, landed on the planet and, assisted by long-range artillery bombardment, devastated the major cities of the planet.

The Imperial attack made Bundim, once the Rebellion's greatest hope in the sector, a gloomy world with no future. The survivors of the slaughter were sent to reeducation centers and Imperial troops continued to hunt down any remaining Rebels on the planet.