Battle of Coruscant

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As the galactic capital, Coruscant was a prime military target for millennia. There have been many battles of Coruscant throughout galactic history, including the following:

Zhell–Taung War

First Great Schism

Tionese War

Duinuogwuin Contention

Great Hyperspace War

Local conflict

Great Sith War

Jedi Covenant conflicts

Inter-Sith Wars Period conflicts

Great Galactic War

Cold War

Seventeenth Alsakan Conflict

New Sith Wars

Local conflicts

Xanatos Crisis

Venan Civil War

Yinchorri Uprising

Nebula Front disruption

Local conflict

Invasion of Naboo

The Hunt

Ashaar Khorda Crisis

Local conflicts

Separatist Crisis

Clone Wars

Great Jedi Purge

Ghost Prison incident

Imperial Period conflicts

Great Jedi Purge

Galactic Civil War

Zaarin Insurrection

Galactic Civil War

Almanian Uprising

Second Imperium Crisis

Yuuzhan Vong War

Second Galactic Civil War

Post–Second Galactic Civil War

Lost Tribe of Sith emergence

Sith–Imperial War

Second Imperial Civil War

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