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The Battle of Coruscant was one of the final battles in the Fel Empire's war against the Galactic Alliance.

The battleEdit

A part of the fighting involved an attack on the Jedi Temple. It was a feint designed to draw off Jedi forces from aiding at the Battle of Caamas; the Jedi were said to have "blunted" the Sith attack at high cost to themselves.


After Admiral Piers Petan surrendered at Caamas, the Temple fell to Sith forces regardless. Jedi Padawan Azlyn Rae was believed dead. Galactic Emperor Roan Fel offered the Jedi a chance to surrender and join his Imperial Knights. While some accepted, others refused and regrouped at the Academy of Ossus. Emperor Fel ordered his forces to leave the Jedi alone. However, Grand Admiral Rulf Yage and Fist Darth Nihl, who served Darth Krayt instead, ignored his orders and carried out an attack that left the New Jedi Order in ruins, scattering the few survivors.



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