The Battle of the Cularin was a battle fought during the Clone Wars that drove the Thaereian military out of the Cularin system.


After the Galactic Senate ruled that the Thaereian Military should leave the Cularin system, they refused to, due to their secret alliance with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. They began a blockade of the system and in response, Major Xirossk of the Militia coordinated an attack on the Military's only land base in the system, on Dorumaa, which resulted in the base's capture. This victory meant that the only remaining Thaereian forces in the system were its fleet in the Cularin comet cloud. Aboard the Cularin 1 Xirossk met with other senior Militia officers and planned an attack on the Thaereian fleet. The crimelord Nirama also donated a wing of starfighters to support the Militia attack.

The battleEdit

The Militia fleet attacked and engaged the Thaereian Navy. The Heroes of Cularin also approached the Thaereian and waves of fighters were sent out to repulse them. They then were called up to make a run on one of the Thaereian corvettes and strafed it with missiles, while under fire from the ship's turbolasers.

A fleet was detected approaching the battle, which Colonel Jir Tramsig believed was Thaereian reinforcements and he demanded over a comm channel that the Militia surrender. With the odds now seemingly against them, Xirossk launched a final attempt for victory by have all the Militia ships attack the Thaereian flagship, the Indefatigable, in hope that they would be able to kill Tramsig. However, the arriving fleet was in fact a Republic fleet under the command of Captain Meeba. They launched their starfighters and engaged the Thaereian ships, causing them to scatter. However, Tramsig refused to retreat and he had the Indefatigable fire at the Militia ships and the Cularin 1 in particular. However, it was eventually destroyed and Tramsig was killed with it.


The Thaereians were finally driven out of the Cularin system, allowing it to become a full, voting member of the Republic. The Cularin Militia was also renamed the "Cularin Armed Forces" and integrated into to the Grand Army of the Republic.