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The battle of Dennaskar was a skirmish that took place on the lightly inhabited world of Dennaskar during the Galactic Civil War between Rebel operatives and Imperial and Santhe Security forces.


The Rebel Alliance had learned that Imperial scientists working on Dennaskar had developed new technology in the search for a viable cloaking shield. Scientists working in a secret lab on Dennaskar had developed an improved flux refractor and produced one prototype of it which was to be sent offworld for Imperial review. The device was to be transported by a convoy from the base to a pick-up point where it was to be delivered to the Imperial Navy.

The Rebels were aware of this project and decided to capture the flux refractor. Commander Pash Deven dispatched a strike team who were to ambush the convoy and either hijack the device or destroy it before the convoy reached the pick-up point.

Unfortunately for the Rebels, the Imperials had found out about their plans, and removed the flux refractor from the speeder truck that was supposed to have transported it and placed a squad of stormtroopers in the truck instead in order to take the Rebels by surprise.


Apart from the squad of stormtroopers, Imperial forces consisted of two squads of local Santhe Security troopers. A repeating blaster was mounted on the roof of the speeder truck. The Rebels forces consisted of two or three squads of Rebel operatives and possibly some vehicles.

The BattleEdit

Having remained hidden in the forests of Dennaskar, the Rebels saw the opportune moment to attack when the convoy traversed a road with woods on both sides. The Rebels attacked from both sides of the road, ensuring the convoy. As the Rebels engaged in combat with the Santhe Security troopers, the stormtroopers emerged from the truck, taking the Rebels by surprise.