The Battle of Eibon was fought at the planet Eibon in the Pre-Republic era, during the Cronese Sweeps, a campaign between Xer's Kingdom of Cron and rebellious Cronese worlds.

Following the defeat of King Ferece at Chandaar, Xer installed himself as the new King of Cron and launched a campaign to take complete control of the Kingdom of Cron. The most-feared warlord involved in the Cronese Sweeps was not Xer but his teenage son, Xim. Xim became famous for his brutality during his conquests of Pasmin, Eibon and Nuswatta. Eibon was known for its proud and independent people whom even Xer and Xim treated with respect but Xim's legions eventually destroyed the royal barges of Eibon.[1]


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