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"There is another campaign that has been recurring in my memories. This one was before your time—before Brand's, before even Lieutenant Sairgon joined us. Have I spoken of Ferrok Pax?"

A battle was fought on Ferrok Pax between the Rebel Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry and an unknown female enemy leader who had captured fellow rebel soldiers.


"We were barely two hundred strong, and we marched for days through the ruins of a proto-species kingdom in an effort to flank our foes."

Twilight Company trekked through the ruins of the surface for several days in order to flank the enemy. On the way, they lost many troops to hunger, and others to beasts that lurked in the wilderness.[2]

The battleEdit

"Then came the battle. We won that day, against a laughing menace and her fiendish warriors, and we extracted the rebels we had been sent to save. But only thirty-seven Twilight soldiers survived the clash."

When Twilight Company met the enemy warriors, they won the battle and rescued the captured rebels, taking heavy casualties. One of the veterans of the battle, a Besalisk named Gadren had recurring memories of the fierce campaign.[2] In the wider rebellion it was considered a very costly battle later on.[1]


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