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"The rebels can't learn about Operation: Cinder."
Commander Iden Versio, to Agent Gideon Hask[src]

Not long after the Battle of Endor, a battle broke out over an Imperial shipyard orbiting the planet Fondor between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire. The Rebels were attempting to raid the Imperial shipyards orbiting the planet, including Moff Raythe's Star Destroyer Dauntless, which was docked in the shipyards at the time, extracting key experimental satellites for the upcoming Operation: Cinder. The Rebel attack was a surprise, dealing heavy damage to at least one shipyard while the Dauntless was disabled by the ion cannons of an MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser.[2]

However, the elite Imperial Special Forces group, Inferno Squad, was visiting the shipyards at the time to oversee the extraction of the experimental satellites. They entered the battle to defend the Dauntless, and inflicted heavy losses on the attacking Rebel ships. Eventually, Commander Iden Versio landed on the Mon Calamari cruiser and fought her way to the ion cannon control room. She destroyed the ion cannons, ending serious threats to the Dauntless, before escaping.[2]

However, the damage to the shipyard meant that the docking clamps holding the Dauntless had locked in place, preventing the ship from evacuating. Raythe thus ordered Inferno Squad to attack the station's power source, further damaging the already wounded station.[2]

Nonetheless, this action succeeded in freeing the Dauntless, which then opened fire on the Rebel cruiser, heavily damaging it. The Dauntless and Inferno Squad then escaped the system, with the satellites in tow.[2]

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