The Battle of Galboron was the last battle of the Noolian Crisis. It originated with the capture of Ando by the Republic in the Clone Wars and the refusal of the Aqualish and Harch to surrender after the close of the conflict. Those two groups joined forces to launch a campaign of raids which culminated with their destruction at the hands of Captain Par Lankin at Galboron.


In later years, the victory would be one of many that a player could simulate on Plescinia Entertainments' CS-Mark 10 Imperial Command Combat Simulator.[1]

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"Cadet Candidate Solo, which battle of the Noolian Crisis brought about the liberation of the Bothan sector? On what date was it fought?"
Han Solo's entrance examination at the Imperial Academy.[src]

As the sole important battle of the Noolian Crisis mentoned in The Essential Guide to Warfare, the Battle of Galboron is probably the decisive battle mentioned in The Paradise Snare.



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