The Battle of Hardscrabble occurred on Muskree during the time of the Galactic Civil War. Osaji Hux anonymously hired a group of spacers to kill her two siblings and rivals within the Osaji Syndicate, then had them go to kill her on Muskree, where she revealed her identity to them and had her people attack them. At the same time, a group of stormtroopers under the command of Arhul Crace arrived. They had been trying to capture the leaders of the Osaji Syndicate and hoped to arrest Hux. A storm also hit the town and made comlinks unusable as the three factions began a chaotic three-way fight. A group of townspeople then also joined the battle, as they hoped to ambush Hux and her minions. They were also hostile to the stormtroopers and the spacers. The final outcome is unknown.