The Battle of Jandoon was a small skirmish between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic forces in the Corva sector.


New Republic Intelligence agents in Corva Sector picked up rumors of ancient technology on the planet Jandoon. However, in the process of reporting this find to their superiors, the transmission was intercepted by Imperial spies. Wanting to secure any finds on the planet for themselves, and knowing that the New Republic would come exploring, the Empire quickly dispatched a small fleet to the deserted planet. Leaving a Lambda-class shuttle and a modified Z-95 Headhunter as bait in orbit over the planet, they hid two Guardian-class light cruisers and three scout ships amidst the twin moons of Jandoon.

As anticipated, a Republic flotilla of freighters and scientific vessels, accompanied by two X-wings and an A-wing, soon arrived in the system from their base in the gas giant Galaan. Believing the shuttle and fighter to be easy targets, the Republic ships moved to engage, at which point the Imperial forces launched their trap. In the time it took the Republic forces to react to the new threat, the Imperials destroyed two freighters and a science vessel. They continued to rout the Republic forces, destroying a large number of the science vessels before their opponent fled the system.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle was presented as an example of how space combat worked in the West End Games roleplaying game. As such, no details were given on when the battle occurred, or whether the Empire later found the aforementioned ancient technology.