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The Battle of Jhantoria was fought between the forces of the Xer's Empire, led by Xim, and the Livien League, at the planet Jhantoria. The battle ended in a decisive victory for Xim.

Following the retirement of King Xer on Raxus Prime, his son Xim became the new ruler of Xer's Empire that included almost all the Tion Cluster. However, one power managed to stand against him: the Livien League. Xim immediately sent his forces to Jhantoria, where they smashed the Livien League. He moved to raze Desevro, but was persuaded not to by the planet's military ruler, Maslovar Tiatiov. Tiatiov took Xim on a tour of Desevro's fighting academies and showed Xim the efficiency of the planet's bureaucracy. Xim was so impressed that he spared the Desevars instead of making an example for opposing his father. With Desevro the fourth Throne, the Cluster was unified under one crown, Xer's empire became Xim's empire.[1]


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