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The Battle of Kaal was a battle of the Imperial Civil War in 6 ABY. Following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic, Galactic Empire represented by Admiral Uther Kermen, and warlord Utoxx Prentioch clashed over control of the food-rich world Kaal.

Diplomats were assigned to reason out a settlement; however, after some time, Kermen grew tired. He used his flagship, Belligerent, to attack Prentioch's flagship, the aptly-named Prentioch. The battle was a stalemate and both ships, too damaged to continue, withdrew. As a result, the New Republic took command of Kaal.


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  3. Prentioch is captured by the New Republic First Fleet at the Siege of Bomis Koori, which occurs in 6 ABY. Since the Battle of Kaal also occurs in 6 ABY, and Prentioch fights Admiral Uther Kermen, the Battle of Kaal must precede Prentioch's capture at Bomis Koori. Also, since Firmus Nantz's campaign with the First Fleet against Delvardus ends at Sluis Van in 5 ABY, Kaal must occur in 6 ABY between Sluis Van (5 ABY) and Bomis Koori (6 ABY)