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A firefight on the planet Kestos Minor was a battle of the Kwymar Suppressions, in 17 BBY. The Rebel forces on Doniphon were defeated by the Galactic Empire.


Early during the Imperial Period, the Rebel bases in the Kwymar sector came under attack by the Imperial forces in a campaign known as the Kwymar Suppressions. Kestos Minor was one of those planets attacked.[1]

The battleEdit

During the planetary assault, stormtrooper Modigal Glave would sustain facial damage. A blaster bolt shattered his helmet, sending durasteel fragments into Glave's face. Despite the pain, Glave single-handedly held off a platoon of Rebels until armored AT-ATs arrived. The Rebel forces on the planet were eventually subdued.[3]


As reward for his actions, Glave was promoted to lead an elite unit which would later become the storm commandos. Additionally, he was given the Imperial Medal of Valor.[3]



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