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The Battle of Mandalore took place some time before 32 BBY. Governor Vrox of the planet Mandalore had sent his Mandalorian Armed Forces to raid star systems neighboring Mandalore, and was suspected of constructing illegal war droids which caused the Galactic Republic to send a force of the Republican Army to the planet to capture Vrox, with the help of some Jedi Knights. The Republic forces knocked out the Mandalorian planetary defenses and then began a ground assault rather than relying on planetary bombardment as they wished to minimize civilian injuries and damage to the capital city. Vrox, on the other hand, was more than happy to use artillery strikes to take out the Republic forces in the capital once the battle swung against him. Before the Republic managed to silence these weapons, they caused most of the damage and death in the city.

After this, most of the Mandalorian forces were defeated and Vrox decided to flee his fortress-estate before Republic forces assaulted it and attempted to escape the planet in his private staryacht. He ordered a group of elite Mandalorian commandos, under the command of Commander Janx Ferro, to delay the Republic troops while he prepared the ship to lift off. It was at this time that the Mandalorians attacked, killing Lieutenant Weirs. The Republic forces managed to break through the Mandalorians, however, and eventually captured Vrox, ending the battle.