"This is Mayvitch Seven! We need help! If you receive this transmis skvt... tact the Senate--warn them about the Yinchoreeeee"
―Last transmission from Immalian officer to Jedi Council before his death[src]

The Battle of Mayvitch 7 was one of the first battles of the Yinchorri Uprising of 33 BBY. Mayvitch 7 was settled by Human colonists from Immalia to defend their mining operations from pirates.

The battleEdit

Mayvitch soldier contacting Jedi

A soldier on Mayvitch 7 contacting the Jedi Council.

During the battle, Yinchorri attack ships descended on the surface of Mayvitch 7, one of the planet's Amador's moons in the Chalenor system. The Yinchorri quickly decimated the defenses on the moon. The colonists attempted to launch fighters though these too were destroyed.

A Mayvitch soldier managed to contact the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and alert them about the danger of the Yinchorri. However, it only reached the Jedi Temple four standard days later. By then, the Yinchorri had taken the moon and presumably, the Chalenor system.


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