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This article is about the liberation of Naboo in 4 ABY. You may be looking for another Battle of Naboo.

Battle of Endor


Battle of Bakura

Battle of Naboo

Galactic Civil War[1]


0 ABY[2]-4 ABY[1]




Temporary Imperial victory,[3] liberation eventually successful.[4]

"Wesa free!"
―Unidentified Gungan[src]

The Battle of Naboo in the Galactic Civil War was a conflict that began years before the Battle of Yavin and culminated shortly after news of Emperor Palpatine's death reached the planet in 4 ABY.[2][1]  


As part of his efforts to consolidate power and bring sovereign systems under Imperial control, Palpatine sent a garrison force to Naboo, under the pretense that it would be protecting the planet's precious plasma energy resources.[5]  

The conflictEdit

Early yearsEdit

Imperial forces fighting in and over a Naboo city.

Despite being connected with the Emperor, the planet's rulers were never quite willing to cooperate fully with their Imperial supervisors, and quiet resistance against the local garrison brewed for many years.

The Gungans, who became marginalized during this period and mostly returned to their swamplands, also founded several resistance cells. Despite this, the Gungans and human resistance fighters worked mostly in secret, fearing they were not strong enough to resist the legions stationed on the world.[5]

At some point before the Battle of Yavin, the Naboo rebels established a secret hangar near one of their cities. A Star Tours flight got caught up in an orbital battle between Rebel N-1 starfighters and a fleet of Lucrehulk -class battleships and was led down to this hangar by several rebels.[7]

During the conflict, an Imperial offensive took place that involved several Star Destroyers joining the planet-bound forces.[2]

The main showdownEdit

As it became known that Palpatine had died along with Darth Vader aboard the second Death Star, and that the Rebel Alliance had been victorious against their fleet, countless planets exploited the confusion and disarray amongst Imperial forces to liberate themselves from their oppressive rule. The citizens of Naboo took this opportunity, as well.[1]   Despite previous diplomatic behavior, the Naboo and the Gungans banded together to once more oust an oppressive force from their world. Naboo rebels mobilized their N-1 starfighters, while the Gungans contributed Militiagung soldiers to invade the capital.[1]

The Theed Royal Palace was stormed and supporters of the Rebellion made their way through the palace, even up to the roof tops. This portion of the battle did not seem to have caused extensive damage to the exterior of the Palace, based on its appearance immediately afterward. In the aftermath of the battle, the crowds were cheering on the plaza and atop the buildings, with at least one Gungan managed to use the occasion to declare Naboo's freedom.[1] The celebrations didn’t last long, as the local Imperial garrisons put down the insurrection.[4]  


Despite the setback after Endor, the planet became free of Imperial influence, and its sector was represented in the New Republic Senate by a Gungan Senator.[8]  

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle, or rather, the aftermath, made its first appearance in the Special Edition and DVD version of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, in a redone sequence for the ending of the film, showing the Galaxy celebrating Emperor Palpatine's death. Although the film implied that the Empire was successfully driven out, additional materials from Star Wars Insider 82 and The Essential Atlas revealed that the Empire had managed to suppress the revolt.



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