The Battle of Nizon occurred some time after the end of the Clone Wars. The Alderaanian Resistance assisted the Nizon resistance in driving the Galactic Empire, and their Trandoshan slaver allies, off Nizon.


A team of spacers were sent by Jedi Master Denia to the planet Nizon to aid the enslaved Nazren in their struggle against the Galactic Empire. Arriving on the planet, the spacers gained access to the imprisoned rebel leader, Sartok. He managed to get a signal through to the near-by resistance fighters, ordering them to begin the fight.

The battleEdit

Being rallied to fight the Imperial oppression, large groups of native Nazren rioted in the streets of Nizon's only city. They organized in groups and attacked Imperial patrols, who moved to engage the rioters, while at the same time weakening the Imperial defenses by leaving them undermanned. During the battle, the city streets were littered with rubble, as Imperial artillery positions shelled the surrounding buildings, levelling them and trapping many civilian Nazren inside. A key crossroad point guarded by AT-RT walkers was taken out, allowing the two largest groups to meet and organize a proper resistance. Later, the Martyr's Plaza saw heavy fighting, as an AT-ST and three laser turret positions were destroyed there.

Towards the end of the battle, after resistance spread throughout the entire planet, a group of spacers allied with the Alderaanian resistance movement, helped the Nazren rebels take control of anti-orbital defenses, thus allowing them to get the upper hand over the Imperial forces and forcing them to evacuate the planet.


Seeing the potentially costly effort of retaking the planet, the Empire left Nizon and the planet's citizens prepared to finish the defenses the Imperials had tried to put into place, now intending to use them for their own security.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Battle of Nizon was first referenced in Dawn of Defiance: Gamemaster Primer and made it's first appearance in The First to Strike. It was later mentioned in Nizon's entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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