The Battle of Odessen occurred in late 3631 BBY when Emperor Arcann of the Eternal Empire, having learned the presence of the Alliance Base on the planet Odessen by the Droid SCORPIO, led the fleet detachment still under his control to confront the Outlander.


Although Arcann had suffered a terrible defeat that left him without resources and troops, the battle enabled his sister Vaylin to seize the throne after allying herself with the droid Scorpio and the massive Eternal Fleet.

However the successful defense proved to be a rallying point, and ships and soldiers from the Empire and the Republic began to join the Alliance at Odessen, preventing any further assault.

Behind the SceneEdit

Gameplay AlternativesEdit

  • At the Climax of Chapter XVI: Battle of Odessen, the player's choice to let Arcann and Senya go or shoot them down will affect the status of their Shuttle but it will still jump into Hyperspace.
  • If Koth Vortena left the Alliance in Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise, he will steal the Gravestone after capturing and throwing out Theron Shan and Tora, as he thought the Outlander would bring devastation to Zakuul.


Notes and referencesEdit

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