"This has not been a good day for the Empire!"
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The Battle of Phaeda occurred in 11 ABY.


After the Attack on the Imperial Royal Guard Academy, Kir Kanos escaped to the relatively quiet world of Phaeda. After killing several Imperial officers and an entire stormtrooper squad in a cantina brawl, Kanos was led to a New Republic safehouse by Tem Merkon, who then introduced him to Commander Mirith Sinn, the leader of the undercover Republic cell on Phaeda.

The battleEdit

However, word of the disturbance spread to the local Imperial commander, Colonel Xexus Shev, and afterwards to Central Command, where Redd Wessel notified Carnor Jax. Jax ordered Shev's forces to stand down while his personal fleet arrived, but Shev—eager to have something to show Jax to prevent him from noticing the corrupt and incompetent Phaeda garrison—attacked the Republic cell after the traitorous Merkon showed him the location.

Kir Kanos Badass CE2

Kir Kanos reveals himself as an Imperial Royal Guard.

Attacking with his forces in a flanking maneuver, Shev at first overpowered and surprised the New Republic base. However, Kanos—in full Royal Guard armor—leapt into combat, killing scores of Imperials and turning the tide of battle, even saving Sinn when a TIE interceptor was about to kill her. New Republic forces then retreated to the planet's Collo Fauale mountains, where after learning of the base from the traitor Tem Merkon, the Imperial ship Emperor's Revenge began bombarding the mountains.

When Lord Carnor Jax took the Emperor's Revenge to Yinchorr, he left the bombardment to Commander Vivant aboard the Steadfast. Commander Mirith Sinn, the head of New Republic operations on Phaeda, contacted New Republic High Command and ensured that support would be incoming. Rogue Squadron, piloting a collection of E-wings and B-wings, dropped out of hyperspace and engaged the Steadfast's complement of TIE fighters at over 2-1 odds, their first mission since they had been reorganized into a multi-fighter unit.

Phaeda victory

Rebels celebrate their victory.

As Sinn climbed onto a captured Skipray Blastboat and joined the fight in orbit, however, General Wedge Antilles entered the system in the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya, forcing the surrender of Vivant's forces. Phaeda was liberated when Lusankya deployed hundreds of assault teams onto the planet's surface.



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