The Battle of Ranroon was fought between the forces of Xim the Despot and Queen Hylei Indrexu Cortess for the control of the planet Ranroon. The battle ended by a victory for Xim.

Following the conquest and unification of the Tion Cluster, Xim decided to expand his empire out of the Cluster.[1] Between 25,126 BBY and 25,116 BBY, he launched a campaign to conquer the Thanium Worlds.[2] The most notable battle was founght at the planet Ranroon, ruled by the Queen Hylei Indrexu Cortess. The Queen's forces fought Xim's janissaries and resisted bravely in a fierce battle eventually won by the Despot. Impressed, Xim later named his trasure ship Queen of Ranroon. The Ihala Spiral was renamed Indrexu Spiral by Xim in her honor, as well the Far Indrexu, the region conquered after Indrexu's defeat. The Queen's resistance during the battle made her a legend in the Tion Cluster, and millennia after her death, no historical figure in the Tion Cluster, not even Xim himself, was as vivid as Indrexu.[1]


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