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"We've lost our momentum, fall back!"
―Anakin Skywalker ordering the retreat[src]

The Battle of Ringo Vinda, also known as the Ringo Vinda campaign, took place at Ringo Vinda during the Clone Wars.

The battleEdit

The Battle of Ringo Vinda took place over a large circular space station controlled by the Separatist Alliance that surrounded an entire planet. The battle raged for several rotations with neither side gaining or losing any ground. In a desperate bid to end the destructive battle, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and twin sister Jedi Masters Tiplee and Tiplar led a massive assault on the space station. Following a series of deadly confrontations in corridors and walkways, the Republic forces (made up of the 501st Legion and Commander Doom's men) reached the main Separatist command center. Even though they were faced with a large number of droids, the Republic forces continued to make good progress and close on the position of the Separatist Admiral Trench. However, the battle turned against the Republic when CT-5385—nicknamed "Tup"—malfunctioned and executed Order 66 early, killing Tiplar. Faced with this betrayal, the Republic forces had no choice but to retreat. Despite this setback, the Republic forces continued to maintain their blockade of the planet.[3]

The odd behavior of the clone trooper was noticed by Trench who reported the action to Count Dooku. At first Dooku believed the action to be a simple betrayal by the clone. However, after the action was described to him further by Trench he came to believe that it was, in fact, a malfunction in the programming of the clone. Knowing that this was a serious malfunction, he immediately reported the event to his master Darth Sidious who ordered him to immediately capture the clone for further examination.[3]

Meanwhile, the Jedi, having found no answers in their initial examination of Tup, decided to transport him to Kamino for further examination. However, their convoy was ambushed by the Separatists before it could jump to lightspeed. All the clones on board the ships were killed save Tup who was transported to a confederacy space station for examination by the Sith. Tup was then rescued by Anakin Skywalker and two clone troopers - Rex and Fives - when he was leaving the station on a vulnerable Separatist shuttle.[3]


The Republic sent Tup on another ship to Kamino, this time succeeding.[3] During the examination of Tup, they were able to find out that a brain tumor was present in Tup's head. After this discovery, the clone trooper "Fives" removed a similar tumor from his own head. Seeming to have gone insane, he attempted to inform the Senate and Jedi Council that every clone had these tumors which programmed them with clone protocols for the Grand Army of the Republic, including Order 66.[2] However, in the process of trying to get them to listen to his case, he was shot and killed by a clone squadron.[5]



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