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A battle took place on Rodia between the CIS and the Galactic Republic during the hunt for Nightsister Yansu Grjak.


Before the hunt, two Jedi were sent to the Sedawan when Grjak attacked. The Jedi were able to attach a homing beacon to her Star Courier before she got away. They reported to the council that the tracker reported she was on Rodia before the signal disappeared. It was decided that two Jedi would go.

Battle at HandEdit

On Rodia, the Republic sent a Y-Wing starfighter and a Republic Gunship to attack the city, but unfortunately, the shield was put up and the Y-wing crashed with the two Jedi in it. Luckily, they survived, but their troops were stuck outside the city. The Jedi soon made their way into a sub compartment with many battle droids. After destroying a Trade Federation submarine and escaping the compartment, they proceeded to disable the shield generators while passing through many areas with battle droids and super battle droids. They finally made it on to a bridge. A creature was present in the water, but was thought to be trapped when the Jedi closed the gate. However, it attacked the two Jedi, and they were forced to kill the creature. After passing the under water corridor they made it to a containment unit, and proceeded to look for clues on Grjak's location.

Hunt for Yansu GrjakEdit

Soon after, Grjak appeared with several Nightsisters. She fled and the Jedi quickly killed their opponents. After passing through several more areas, battling Nightsisters on their way, the Jedi found themselves in a train yard. Grjak damaged the train generator and fled, leaving the Jedi to fix it manually. Once powered up, the Jedi gave chase on a train. Grjak used The Force to throw several droids at them. The Jedi evaded the droids and jumped off the trains before they collided. They continued the search, fighting even more Nightsisters and a few battle droids. Finally, they came to a large room where Grjak was speaking with fellow Nightsister Sai Sircu, and Sith Master Darth Sidious. Grjak informed them that the Jedi had been eliminated by the Nightsisters. The Jedi were contacted by Commander Cody, who had finally breached the shield. The explosion revealed the Jedi's presence to the Nightsister, and she attacked. After a fierce battle, the two Jedi finally killed Grjak.