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"It's time somebody finally put an end to that monster."
―Anakin Skywalker, on General Grievous[src]

A battle took place on Saleucami during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It took place following Confederate General Grievous's capture of Jedi Council member Eeth Koth.


After the Jedi Council received a message from General Grievous about his capture of Jedi Council member Eeth Koth, Commander Wolffe found a hidden message from Koth. The message said that Grievous was taking his forces to the Saleucami system. Thus, Jedi masters, Adi Gallia, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his former apprentice Anakin Skywalker decided to rescue Koth from Grievous.[7]

The BattleEdit

Obi-wan took command of several republic warships. The three Jedi decided that Kenobi would distract General Grievous and lure him onto one of the ships whilst Skywalker and Gallia would sneak onto Grevious's ship and rescue Koth, alongside CT-7567 (Rex) and a couple of other clones.[7]

However, Grevious anticipated their plans, leaving the tactical droid TV-94 on the bridge with the captured Koth,as well as several BX-series droid commandos. Grevious then boarded Kenobi's ship with several Droids and two IG-100 MagnaGuards. He then dueled with Kenobi on the ship's bridge, who grew very close to defeating him after taking one of the Magnaguard's electrostaffs to use alongside his lightsaber. However, Grevious fled the bridge, and Kenobi contacted Skywalker, who was with Gallia and Koth, having defeated the Commando Droids. Gallia went to help Kenobi, whilst Anakin took Koth back to the shuttle that they had boarded Grevious's ship with. [7]

Gallia engaged Grevious just as the docking tube started to break. With the help of Gallia, Kenobi and two other clones were able to escape onto Grevious's ship just as the Republic ship exploded, killing everyone on it. Skywalker then picked up the two clones, Kenobi and Gallia in the shuttle before flying back to the Resolute. Grievous then started to land his forces. However, debris from Kenobi's ship crashed into the landing ship as they attempted to land on Saleucami. Grievous and what remained of his forces took to the escape pods. Thus, Kenobi, Took Rex, Cody, and their troops to pursue Grievous while Skywalker would continue fighting the space battle against the separatist forces.[7]

Tracking GrievousEdit

After his escape pod landed, Grievous and his forces then attempted to send a distress signal to what remained of their fleet in orbit. However, his escape pod's transmitter was destroyed and Kenobi's forces landed near them. Thus Grievous and his forces searched for an escape pod with a working transmitter.

Kenobi then divided his forces; Rex would take several of his troopers on BARC speeder through the wetlands while Coyd and Crys would investigate the crash site. As Rex and his troopers went through the wetlands, Rex was shot by a pair of Commando droid snipers. Kix was able to patch up Rex, but was forced to live him at the Lawquane's farmstead. Rex then left Jesse in charge and ordered him to continue tracking Grievous down. Late, Rex discovered that the farmer, Cut Lawquane, was a deserter from the Grand Army of the Republic.[5]

General Grievous, riding a Reek, made his way to a undamaged escape pod. However, his battle droids were running low on power. They asked Grievous to let them recharge, but the General refused to do so and continued while droids died. Kenobi, Cody and Crys then discovered the locations of the escape pods and continue their search for Grievous.[5]

Following a dinner with Cut's family, Rex and Cut came under attack by Commando droids. Together, they were able to defeat the droids. Grievous was able to find a pod with a working transmitter and was able to send a signal to the fleet. However, Kenobi, Cody, Jesse, and their forces were able to find him and attempted to stop his escape. Kenobi then confronted Grievous and briefly dueled with him before he made his escape.[5]

Following Grievous escape, Kenobi and his forces left Saleucami. Rex then decided to allow Cut to remain with his family and not report him. Rex then left on a Eopie and rendezvous with Kenobi's forces.[5]

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