The Battle of Salvara was a naval engagement that took place at Salvara during the Clone Wars.

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During the Clone Wars, Admiral Kreuge commanded the Galactic Republic forces charged with taking Salvara. Unknown to him, Separatist agents at Handooine had infected the Tector-class Star Destroyer Gibbon with a computer virus that had self-replicated and subsequently spread to the starships in his fleet. The virus caused all the ships in the fleet to lower their deflector shields once they got within a certain range of Salvara,[1] which occurred when Kreuge turned his formation rather than continuing to sweep right.[2] A potential Republic victory was turned into a rout.[1]


Following the battle, it was speculated that if Admiral Kreuge had not commanded his forces to turn when they did and instead ordered the right wing of his forces to sweep further, the events of the Clone Wars would have been considerably different.[2] Admiral Kreuge made up for his defeat at Salvara by taking Kerkoidia soon after the Battle of Christophsis.[1]


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