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"There are civilians down there too, so make sure what you're shooting at is Imperial. We're here to take out their tibanna gas supplies and do whatever damage we can to the local TIE fighter squadron."
―Luke Skywalker[src]

The battle above Taloraan took place during the Galactic Civil War. Following the rescue of Wedge Antilles, which brought the elite Rebel starfighter squadron Rogue Squadron to its full potential, the Rebellion began to target Imperial property under the command of Moff Kohl Seerdon, who was in the process of consolodating his forces to launch an attack on the Rebel's bacta supply on Thyferra.

The first target of these hit and run missions was Taloraan, where the Empire ran tibanna gas mining operations to power their blasters. Rogue Squadron destroyed the Empire's supply of tibanna gas canisters stored in floating platforms, and dealt as much damage possible to the local TIE/LN starfighter squadron stationed on the planet.


"Unfortunately, the Imperials own it. They harvest the tibanna gas to use in their weapons. It increases their firepower. They process and store it on these floating platforms."
―Kasan Moor[src]

During an assault on the Imperial spaceport situated in the canyons of the planet Kile II, Wedge Antilles, member of Rogue Squadron, was shot down and taken by the Empire as a prisoner of war to the spice prisons of Kessel. In the absence of Wedge's remarkable piloting skills, Rogue group's potential was greatly diminished. Luke Skywalker, commander of Rogue Squadron and a close friend of Antilles, led Rogue group to Kessel, where they saved Antilles and several other Rebel prisoners.[1]

With Rogue Squadron once again at its maximum strength, the group's efforts were beginning to be aimed at the Imperial Moff Kohl Seerdon. Seerdon was plotting to consolidate his forces to lead a large scale attack on the Rebel bacta supply on the jungle world Thyferra. Bacta, a chemical used to treat the wounded, was essential, and the Rebellion began their efforts to inflict damage to the Moff's resources in a series of hit and run attacks on various Imperial installations. The first target of these hit and run missions was the gas giant Taloraan, which housed the Moff's tibanna gas mining programs, which was used to power Imperial weapons.[1]

The battleEdit

"Huh. Now I know what its like to be on the other side of one of these little raids."
―Kasan Moor, who defected from the Empire[src]

Since the tibanna gas interfered with Rogue group's A-wing starfighters, the scanners installed on the starfighters were recalibrated to Seven-Mark-Nine. As there were numerous gas canisters owned by civilian organizations installed in the same platforms as the Imperial owned gas, their fire was to remain in check. After taking out several platforms of Imperial gas, a squadron of TIE fighters began to swarm Rogue Squadron from below, a standard Imperial maneuver used on gas giants. Due to knowledge of this tactic by Kasan Moor, a former TIE interceptor pilot who defected to the Rebellion, Rogue group avoided the ambush and continued to a floating city, where the last target was situated.[1]


After Rogue Flight's mission was accomplished, Wedge Antilles speculated that the local Imperial governor would be afraid to report his failure to his superior, Moff Seerdon. Kasan Moor speculated that the governor would not live through this confrontation with Seerdon, as the Moff had a notorious reputation for being unforgiving.[1]

During the operations on Taloraan, a Rebel commando force infiltrated Seerdon's research facility on Fest, and attempted to escape with a group of three stolen AT-PT walkers. Immediately after their victory on Taloraan, Rogue Squadron was deployed to provide support.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle above Taloraan was depicted in the videogame Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, as the eleventh mission of the game's campaign.


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