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In 19 BBY, a victory ceremony was held on Coruscant to honor X1 and X2 for their bravery during the Invasion of Tatooine, around the same time of the first State of the Republic address.


After several forces from the Confederacy of Independent Systems attacked a specialized training camp established on the Outer Rim planet Tatooine, two clone troopers, X1 and X2, who had earlier been deployed to train various clone troopers, fought off the invasion forces. Their actions led to them being recognized for their bravery.

The awards ceremonyEdit

Jedi Master Ferroda informed the two that there was going to be an awards ceremony honoring X1 and X2 for their bravery and thwarting the invasion, with the Supreme Chancellor also awarding the medals to the clones in person.

During the awards ceremony, the Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine, supplied the first medal to X2, mistaking him for X1 due to being twin clones before being corrected by the latter. Before X2 could get his medal, however, an explosion occurred, with a clone trooper revealing that Coruscant is under attack.

Behind the scenesEdit

The victory ceremony is an event that occurred in the beginning of the second mission for Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron's DS version.