Battle of Telos IV (Galactic Civil War)

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The Battle of Telos IV was a battle of the Kwymar Suppressions, during the Galactic Civil War. The Rebel Alliance forces on Telos IV were defeated by the Galactic Empire.

The battle

Early in the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel bases in the Kwymar sector came under attack by the Imperial forces in a campaign known as the Kwymar Suppressions. Telos IV was one of those planets attacked.[1] The Imperial forces were victorious.[6]


During the Suppressions, Stormtrooper Sergeant Major Beilert Valance was severely injured during the campaign on nearby Doniphon. His life was later saved at the Anglebay Station hospital on Telos.[7]



Notes and references

Galactic Civil War
(2 BBY19 ABY)
Early Campaigns (2 BBY0 BBY)
Kwymar Suppressions
(c. 20 BBY)

Kestos Minor · Picuturion · Doniphon · Telos IV · Protazk

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