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The Battle of Vinzen Neela 5 was a battle fought during the Galactic Civil War at Vinzen Neela 5.


With the Cargo Ferries Sela safely away, the next step was a rendezvoused between Sela and Escort Carrier Hininbirg for a transfer operation near Vinzen Neela 5. Imperial fighters had the responsibility of sweeping for enemy craft while Carrier Hininbirg received TIE/D Defender prototypes from ferries Sela. Imperial Intelligence discovered Rebel plans to disrupt the transfer, sending Imperial starfighters ahead of the convoy to eliminate the Rebel threat. Agents of the Secret Order of the Emperor informed at least one pilot headed into battle that an apparent "leak" had surfaced from Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin’s research facility. The Order required additional information to pin down this leak, requesting inspection of Rebel starships for clues that might ascertain the leak.

The battleEdit

TIE Avengers from Alpha Squadron emerged from hyperspace, ahead of Sela and Hininbirg, to find Rebel CR90 corvettes Mar Duun and Vop Hui several kilometers off, laying a minefield. Rebel A-wing and Y-wing starfighters also occupied the system, rapidly attacked by the arriving TIE Avengers. Imperial starfighters attacked Y-wings from Blue Squadron first, attempting to eliminate the more ominous bomber craft. As opposing starfighters squared off, Hininbirg and Sela arrived for transfer operations. As expected, Rebel vessels had successfully deployed in a tactically perceptive position to assault Escort Carrier Hininbirg, having emerged among a minefield, moreover within range of the enemy corvette's cannons. Avengers Alpha diverted to rescue Hininbirg from assaulting Rebel starships, having destroyed the Y-wings Blue. Discovering only mines onboard, TIE Avengers destroyed corvette Vop Hui in a flurry of concussion missile and laser cannon fire, protecting Hininbirg from its assault.

As Imperial starfighters proceeded to defend the Hininbirg, TIE Defender prototypes began ferrying from their cargo containers across to Carrier Hininbirg. T-65 X-wing starfighters from Red Squadron soon arrived to join the Rebel struggle, as Cargo Ferries Sela left the system, having completed their mission. Avengers Alpha destroyed the remaining Type A Mines and corvette Mar Dun before proceeding to attack incoming X-wing fighters. As Rebel fighters had successfully collapsed the shields of the Hininbirg, opposing Avengers battled against the clock; Hininbirg had successfully loaded all TIE Defender prototypes, and now only awaited the jump to lightspeed. Rebel fighters managed to lightly damage the hull of Carrier Hininbirg before its jump to hyperspace, but soon met their demise at the hands of TIE pilots.


Emperor Palpatine considered Zaarin fortunate that the TIE Defenders were able to reach Coruscant safely and wanted to know why security was careless. Darth Vader claimed that Zaarin is investigating the matter and that he believed that the Rebels had a new weapon technology. The Secret Order began to analyse the data from the two corvettes that Stele scanned to find any lead on the mole.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle is seen on Star Wars: TIE Fighter in Battle 6 mission 2.