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"We were strong…We were nothing to the Yuuzhan Vong."

A battle on the planet Vonak occurred between the Cilare and the Yuuzhan Vong took place around 25 ABY, prior to the Battle of Artorias.


"We were warriors…we were brutal, we were ruthless. Our children were taught to fight from the moment they could stand."

In 25 ABY, the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong species launched an invasion of the known galaxy. In an attempt to pin down the New Republic, undercover Yuuzhan Vong operatives had infiltrated and stirred trouble on Belkadan and Rhommamool. Meanwhile, the main fleet invaded and seized several Outer Rim worlds including Dubrillion, Destrillion and Dantooine, thereby forcing the Republic and Jedi into retreat.

In isolation to these developments, the Cilare people continued their low-tech and warlike existence on Vonak. A warlike people, they instilled martial values in their children while their scientists disdained medicines in favor of war matériel. They believed themselves to be strong and impregnable to any threat. However, this was soon proven to be folly.

The BattleEdit

Following the Battle of Dantooine, a potent Yuuzhan Vong invasion force landed on their world and waged war on the warrior species. Despite the valor and arsenal of the assembled indigenous army which deployed tanks, they were easily wiped out by the onslaught of Fire Breathers. These deadly war beasts had flexible proboscises that spewed streams of gelatinous flame and pores that exhaled anti-laser aerosols.


The assembled warrior army


"Abandon your world. Our great strength could not save us—could not save our loved ones. Learn from our mistake. Don't share our fate. Run."

The Cilare were quickly exterminated as the Yuuzhan Vong pacified their homeworld. Only one warrior male, Arbeloa, survived to tell the story and he was taken captive aboard a Yuuzhan Vong slaveship Tsam P'ah. During his captivity, he was still able to transmit a signal into space which was eventually picked up by the two-men crew of the exploratory ship Pythea—the Chiss Panha and her Wookiee companion Sarkkin. Having intercepted the signal, the warrior related the nature and culture of his species before going to warn them of the depredations of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Arbeloa's people had been devastated in the attack; he urged recipients of the message to flee the oncoming Yuuzhan Vong invasion force while they still could, as attempting to fight the species was futile. Given that Panha's species, the Chiss, had fought the Yuuzhan Vong before, she understood the nature of their threat to the galaxy. Picking up the presence of a Yuuzhan Vong fleet near them in hyperspace, they powered up the Phythea and fled to the nearest world Artorias in an attempt to warn the Artorians.

However, they were pursued by Yuuzhan Vong vessels. The Chiss explorer attempted to communicated with the Artorias communications center but the message was intercepted by an advance infiltrator who ensured that it did not get through to the public. After fighting off a Yuuzhan Vong boarding party, the two friends agreed they would not face capture and drove their starship into the prow of the Yuuzhan Vong cruiser, immolating themselves and their vessel.

Later, Arbeloa joined forces with the Artorian princess Kaye Galfridian and other slaves to revolt against the commander Sha'kel.



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