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This article is about the battle in 5 BBY. You may be looking for another Battle of Yag'Dhul.

This battle took place over the planet Yag'Dhul in 5 BBY between the Galactic Empire and a group of Yag'Dhul insurgents. The Imperial forces, led by the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Desolator, ambushed the insurgents at their base over Yag'Dhul.

Meanwhile, a contest was being held by a group of Hutts. They had offered wagers based on the number of Imperial and insurgent fighters that would be destroyed during the combat. Intent on making a profit off both the winners and losers, the Hutts decided to fix the line at forty-five fighters. Cix Trouvee, owner of the YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon, decided to enter in hopes of winning enough credits to continue his expensive lifestyle and overhaul the Millennium Falcon.

A droid-piloted vessel was stationed between two of Yag'Dhul's inner moons to transmit live feeds of the battle to the gamblers in a sports resort on one of the planet's outer moons. However, several minutes into the battle, the live feed suddenly cut off. The Imperials had detected and destroyed the remote, and, assuming it to be providing information to the insurgents, the Desolator left the battle with the insurgents to target the gamblers. As the bettors fled—with Trouvee in the Falcon, the Imperials destroyed the insurgents' space station base above Yag'Dhul, and the surviving insurgent fighters began jumping to hyperspace. As Trouvee and his copilot, Waglin, fled, they were fired on by the Desolator. The Star Destroyer missed, however, and hit two TIE fighters as Trouvee and Waglin escaped. The battle ended with thirty insurgent fighters destroyed to twenty-three Imperial fighters destroyed; just two Imperial fighters above the count on which Trouvee had bet.

Trouvee, now chased by beings whom he owed money, became desperate for credits and eventually entered the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament, where he lost the Falcon to Lando Calrissian.