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In 3 ABY, a battle occurred in space outside the luxury liner Destination: Adventure!. When a group of smugglers emerged from hyperspace outside of the vessel, some pirates were right behind them. A nearby starfighter patrol of the Galactic Empire was being paid off by the crime syndicate Black Sun; as the smugglers were performing an errand for Black Sun Vigo Mal Biron, the Imperials engaged the pirates and scared them off.

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle occurs in Running the Sisar, an adventure included in Secrets of the Sisar Run. It is the final stage of the adventure, and it is necessary that the players are the first smuggling ship to board the luxury liner. As such, if any other ships arrive before them, the gamemaster is encouraged to establish that the pirates inflict damage on those ships, slowing them down and allowing the player characters to overtake them.

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