This article is about the battle on Arda I. You may be looking for the battle in the Unknown Regions.
"The Empire has discovered us, though I don't know how! Evacuation is priority one, and securing as much of this equipment as we can is secondary. We're scrambling fighters to buy us time, but we don't have much either way!"
General Ran Niall[src]

The Battle of the Gauntlet was a battle of the Galactic Civil War on Arda I.

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"We lost a great deal today: our base, our home, and our friends. We must look past these dark times and steel ourselves for the fight ahead."
Senior Advisor Setenna Hase[src]

After the evacuation of their base, the Rebels embarked in a series of micro-jumps through hyperspace to throw off any pursuit. They finally regrouped in the Eedoq system, in the distant Tantra sector, where Senior Advisor Setenna Hase came aboard the Rebel cruiser Fury of Alderaan to discuss the establishment of a new base on Jagomir.


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