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"Tell Fleet I still think they are heading for Atrivis to smear the army on Mantooine. If they are following standard operating procedures, they'll be moving tomorrow. If Ackbar moves fast and gets to Mantooine first, he can pop 'em as they come out of hyperspace."
Commander Zgorth'sth[src]

During the Blockade of Yavin in 0 ABY, the Rebel Alliance ambushed the Imperial Oplovis Sector Fleet in a battle in the Generis system. The Oplovis Fleet was task force that was en route to the Mantooine system to attack the Rebel presence in the system, and the Alliance had been alerted to their movements during Operation Cobolt.

Alliance Intelligence operative Commander Zgorth'sth surmised the attack plan by analyzing Imperial requisition records. Alerting Admiral Gial Ackbar, three Alliance cruisers ambushed the Imperial ships as they emerged from hyperspace, resulting in a convincing victory for the Alliance.


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