Battle of the Geroon homeworld

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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on official information from the Star Wars Legends continuity, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

The Battle of the Geroon Homeworld was an attack by the Vagaari to enslave and plunder the Geroons. Commander Thrawn used possibly one of his favorite tactics, the Thrawn Pincer here.


The Vagaari fleet, numbering over 100 warships, attacked the Geroon Homeworld. The Geroons put up a fight, but they were too outnumbered. Commander Thrawn investigated the battle and discovered that the Vagaari had made a practical gravity well projector. He noticed that one of them was relatively unprotected, and sought to steal it. His purpose was two-fold, to obtain this useful technology for the Chiss, and to provoke the Vagaari into attacking the Chiss, in which retaliation would be justified.

The AttackEdit

Thrawn realized that he could use a microjump in combination with the gravity field to guarantee accuracy. This allowed the Chiss ships to quickly move to the projector and surprise the Vagaari. The Chiss jumped in and quickly destroyed the Vagaari fighters guarding the projector. One of the Vagaari capital ships moved to engage, and it was revealed that the Vagaari used living shields for defense. Over Maris Ferasi's objection, Thrawn fired missiles at the ship. Seconds later, the bridge was hit by enemy fire, and Thrawn was wounded. Ferasi saved his life by sealing his spacesuit until medical attention could arrive. The Chiss succeeded in taking the projector, and then entered hyperspace.


The Vagaari defeated the remaining Geroons, and began to pillage the planet. The Chiss lost two warriors, which had later consequences as the raid was seen by some as overt aggression. The theft of the gravity well projector would make a difference in later battles, and the techniques that Thrawn developed from this helped secure him many victories.


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