"I'll make this simple. Keep your eyes open and make sure it's your guns, not your tail, that's pointed at the enemy"
Han Solo to Headhunter Flight[src]

The Battle of the Outlaw Tech Base was the dogfight between the Vandangante outlaw techs and the Corporate Sector Authority, over Sarlucif, in 2 BBY.


"Doc" Vandangante departed his outlaw tech base on a trip to purchase merchandise, leaving his daughter Jessa in charge of the operation. Subsequently, Han Solo made planetfall in the hopes of procuring the techs' services. Shortly after the Millennium Falcon had been partially dismantled, base sensors picked up an Authority corvette launching a squadron of four starfighters. The outlaw techs' quickly formed Headhunter Flight, and employed the six Z-95mk1 Headhunter snubs they had in their possession. In an effort to save his grounded ship, Solo assumed the role of Headhunter Leader, and formed his squadron into three two-ship elements.

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IRD-A Starfighter


Han Solo neutralized the raw speed of the Authority IRD starfighters by utilizing the maneuverability of the Headhunters. To accomplish this, the Z-95s engaged the Authority ships inside the planet's atmosphere instead of the vacuum of space, where the poor aerodynamics of the IRDs would suffer. The CSA pilots relied on the inexperience of the tech pilots and split up after engagement, which caused the young pilots to leave their wingmen. Han's young partner in Headhunter Two was the first casualty, but Jessa's wingman in Headhunter Four retaliated with a score of his own. Solo remained in a pitched battle with the IRD leader who had claimed his wingman, while the remaining two IRDs regrouped and sped toward the base, eliminating the tech brothers in Headhunter Five and Headhunter Six.

Jessa's Lafrarian wingmate engaged one of the IRDs and was damaged, but opened up a shot for Jessa in Headhunter Three, who scored, knocking the Authority fighter off its vector. Headhunter Four had to limp back to the base, leaving Jessa to engage the remaining IRD. Meanwhile, after a fierce struggle, Han Solo managed to best the IRD commander and turn to the aid of Headhunter Three. Jessa eyed up the last IRD as it came out of its strafing run on the base defenses. As she lined up her shot, the wounded IRD came upon her and shot, causing her to miss her target. Solo quickly dispatched this fighter while Headhunter Three took aim, once again, and vaporized the remaining Authority IRD.


An Authority invasion had been averted, but the secrecy of the outlaw tech base had been compromised. The base on Sarlucif was evacuated and re-established on Urdur. Due to his role in the battle, Han Solo received the upgrades he was seeking for the Millennium Falcon.



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