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This article is about the battle between the First Order and the Resistance. You may be looking for the ancient battle between the Jedi and the Sith.
"Those beasts! They're here!"
―Maz Kanata realizes her castle is under attack[src]

The battle on Takodana[4], also known as the Clash on Takadona[5] was a battle that took place approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor during the conflict between the forces of the First Order and the Resistance on the Mid Rim planet of Takodana.

The BattleEdit


Han Solo blasts a stormtrooper without looking

During the battle, Maz Kanata's castle was attacked by Kylo Ren and First Order stormtroopers after they discovered that the droid BB-8 was at the castle. Flying in with TIE/fo space superiority fighters and Atmospheric Assault Landers, the First Order swiftly laid siege to the castle and leveled it, killing many of its inhabitants. BB-8 followed Rey into the forests surrounding the castle, and the First Order was unable to locate the droid until a stormtrooper officer reported to Ren that the droid had been sighted in the company of a girl. Ren deployed stormtroopers to the woods before heading into the woods himself, hunting Rey down and eventually finding her. Frightened, Rey attempted to shoot him, but Kylo reacted quickly. He deflected her blasts with his lightsaber, and proceeded to disarm his target with the Force. Ren proceeded to corner and capture her.[1]

During the fighting at the castle, FN-2199 in riot control gear called Finn out as a traitor and challenged him to a fight.[3] The Stormtrooper overpowered Finn but was shot by Han Solo before he could kill him. Despite killing multiple stormtroopers, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn were forced to surrender. The stormtroopers had bigger problems to worry about as Resistance T-70 X-wing fighters led by Commander Poe Dameron soon arrived to fight the First Order. A fierce dogfight ensued and resulted in the destruction of many First Order TIEs and the deaths of many stormtroopers from X-wing strafing runs.[1]

Back in the woods, Kylo Ren was notified of the Resistance attack by another stormtrooper officer, who asked him to call in more troops. Ren, however, ordered the First Order to pull out, saying they had what they came for. As the battle raged on above the castle, the remaining First Order troops boarded their ships and withdrew, taking the captured and unconscious Rey along with them.[1]

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