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"Invaded, the Sedawan has been. Raided by an unknown enemy."
―Master Yoda[src]

The battle on the Sedawan around 21 BBY took place between the Galactic Republic and Nightsisters.

The battleEdit

The Republic cargo ship Sedawan was carrying lightsaber crystals from Ilum when it was attacked by the Devastation. Missiles carrying Buzz droids hit the ship and the droids entered it as the Nightsisters Yansu Grjak and Sai Sircu landed in the hangar bay. Master Luminara Unduli quickly took a squad of clone troopers to the hangar bay. All the clones were killed by the Nightsisters and Unduli was captured. When news reached the Jedi Council, they decided to send two Jedi. They landed in the central hangar bay in a Jedi bomber. They quickly proceeded to the command bridge, cutting down Buzz droids of various sizes and Battle Droids on the way. They reached the bridge, which had been abandon. They soon discovered that several escape pods were launched recently, but the destinations were all purged from the system. Yansu soon entered the bridge and fired Force lightning, blasted the two Jedi back. The lightning also hit the ships computers, causing the bridge to begin to explode. The Jedi quickly fled, locking the doors to the bridge, containing the fire burning through the halls. They continued on, evading debris as the ship began to fall apart, while cutting down the rest of the Buzz droids. They finally caught up with Yansu in a hangar bay. She fled in her Star Courier, leaving several Nightsisters to combat the Jedi, but they were easily defeated and killed. The Jedi then contacted the Jedi Council.


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