Battlefront II: Prima Official Game Guide

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Star Wars: Battlefront II: Prima Official Game Guide
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Michael Knight

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Prima Publishing

Publication date

November 1, 2005






10.7 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches


14.4 ounces



Star Wars: Battlefront II: Prima Official Game Guide was a strategy guide published by Prima Games for Star Wars: Battlefront II. Just like the game guide to the original Battlefront, this strategy guide describes the movement, the combat basics, the gameplay concepts, the various modes of the game, the units and classes, the weapons and equipment, the vehicles and turrets, and all the locations and battlefields included in the game. However, unlike the previous book, this strategy guide also includes a walkthrough of the story mode called the Rise of the Empire Campaign that follows through some of the major battles of a retired clone trooper belonging to the 501st Legion. It shows the evolution of the clone troopers to the stormtroopers and the 501st Legion becoming known as "Vader's Fist" during the Galactic Civil War.

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Book DescriptionEdit

Fight the Star Wars battles any way you want to.

Detailed maps for all battlefronts, showing locations of Command Posts, vehicle spawn points, and support droids.

  • Tips for earning all Medals and obtaining the rank of General.
  • Strategies for every multiplayer game type, including Conquest, 1-Flag CTF [Capture-the-Flag], Hunt, and Assault.
  • Comprehensive walkthrough for solo missions.
  • Tactics for obtaining Hero status and keeping it longer.
  • Exclusive tips from the LucasArts Testers.
  • Short descriptions of all playable characters and vehicles.
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