"Greetings, offworlders and friends. I am Bayaar of the Situng Borokii. Welcome to our camp. What do you wish of the overclan?"
―Bayaar, to the Jedi and their companions.[src]

Bayaar was a male Ansionian sentry and scout of the Situng Borokii clan of the Alwari nomads, who roamed the hill country and vast plains of the planet Ansion during the time of the Separatist Crisis, before the Clone Wars.[1]


"We will convey the news of your arrival, as well as your reasons for seeking out the Borokii, to the Council of Elders. Meanwhile, I invite you to follow me, and experience Borokii hospitality ... You will be made comfortable, and be given food and drink."
"Do you think they'll give us an audience, your council?"
"This is not something to which I can speak. I am an outrider—a sentinel, and sentinels do not make decisions of such magnitude.
―Bayaar, to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli and her companions.[src]

Bayaar, as commander of the Borokii overclan guard, welcomed the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luminara Unduli, and their Padawans, to the Borokii encampment after they had arrived on Ansion to mediate a border dispute between the nomadic Alwari tribes and the planetary government, the Unity of Community, on the eve of the Clone Wars. The aim of the diplomatic mission was to prevent Ansion's secession (and, by default extension, the secession of up to forty or more other alliance-entwined star systems) from the Galactic Republic—a Sith- and Commerce Guild-led plot.[1]

It was Bayaar who loaned a Borokii knife to Jedi Master Unduli to secure for the Council of Elders its required tuft of albino surepp fur, which would afford the Jedi an audience with them. Bayaar was struck dumb with astonishment when Unduli actually accomplished the feat and dismissed the fact that she'd lost his knife in the process: he mused that his offworlder friends were powerful indeed, and told them he would remember the moment for his grandchildren. Having helped make them presentable for their meeting with the Borokii elders, it was Bayaar who later advised the Jedi of the council's readiness, after its deliberations, to declare its acceptance of the terms of the Jedi's proposal to ensure Ansion's retention within the Republic.[1]

Bayaar, the foremost warrior of the elite Situng Borokii subclan, also served as captain of the honor guard to the Jedi as they traveled back to Cuipernam to influence the final secession vote (the ambassadors from Coruscant having now achieved the sought-after accord with the Alwari overclans). While en route to the municipal hall where the Unity Council had convened, Bayaar and his troops successfully defended the Jedi diplomats against thugs hired by Soergg the Hutt and his majordomo Ogomoor, who had been tasked by Commerce Guild Presidente Shu Mai to prevent any Jedi interference with the vote to secede.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"What is this?"
"Your honor guard, noble Obi-Wan. Don't you remember being promised a 'present' by the twinned Council of Alwari Elders? This is it. They didn't want anything to happen to their new offworld friends. Especially not before the formal treaty between the Alwari and the Unity is put in place. We've been shadowing you ever since you left our camp; guarding your rear, looking for trouble, watching out for you.
―Bayaar, to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his companions.[src]

Bayaar possessed a confident, intrepid, but also a friendly and good-natured personality that was encouraging to the Jedi, who quickly grew fond of him. Professional in his demeanor, he and his guards, unlike the initially mistrustful Yiwa clan, were neither suspicious nor afraid of strangers.[1]

Bayaar was, however, not entirely comfortable in his position of diplomatic go-between for the Borokii Council of Elders and his Jedi guests. He would much rather have been out on the prairie, patrolling a picket line, weapon in hand. Even so, Bayaar found that he rather liked the "squinty-eyed offworlders" who had been charged to his care, and the contemplation that any of them might be injured or killed troubled him greatly. He was delighted also with the ingenious outcome of the Borokii-Januul skirmish, masterminded by the Jedi to "set an example" for both overclans: not one warrior was injured or killed, though Bayaar had expected to lose many friends that day, among both his clan and the offworlders.[1]

Bayaar, in his role as sentry leader, was richly attired in lightweight armor that gleamed in the sun. His six-guard outrider patrol that originally welcomed the Jedi rode impressively attired sadain mounts and bore traditional long knives and Malarian laser pistols. Proud generational warriors, members of his troop "sat imperiously in their saddles."[1]



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