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This article is about the weapon attachment. You may be looking for Bayonet-class light cruiser.
"Fix bayonets!"
―An order sometimes given by Rebel commanders[src]

A bayonet was a sharp blade that could be mounted on the end of a blaster rifle or other long-barreled rifle. This allowed the wielder to use the rifle in close combat as a spear-like melee weapon. A bayonet detached from a rifle could be used as a simple knife.[1] The vibrobayonet was an enhanced version of this weapon.[3]


The Rodian hunter Harno used such a weapon, as did the bounty hunter Mist. Other users included Republic troopers of the Old Republic[2], Trandoshan Bounty Hunters[4], and members of Kota's Militia.[5]

In a few notable instances, Rebel commanders have ordered their troops to "fix bayonets!" more so that their men would go down with a fight than any real effect the bayonets would have on the enemy.[6]



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