Baz Korral was a Human male who had been a prisoner in the spice mines of Kessel.


While serving time on Kessel, Booster Terrik saved his life, and when they were both released from the penal colony, he began to work for Terrik. In 9 ABY, Terrik assigned Korral and several of his Verpine companions to watch over his daughter, Mirax, while she and Iella Wessiri were investigating Wooter, Rimki, and Vass, Attorneys at Law on Commenor in an effort to track down the Lusankya prisoners. The arrangement proved to be advantageous when the two women ran afoul of several of Ysanne Isard's Imperial Intelligence agents. The Verpine tracked the pair as they were being escorted into a speeder, and Korral was able to provide a distraction—as well as weapons—for them. The ensuing lightfight saw the elimination of the Imperials.