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Bazaar was an Ithorian Herdship.


Bazaar levels

The levels of Bazaar

Bazaar was similar to almost every other Ithorian Herdship, being a huge flattened ball which was designed to simulate the jungles of Ithor, the Ithorian homeworld, in a space-worthy vessel.


Bazarr contained the city of Isttu, and was dispatched to move through the Outer Rim Territories between the Rimma Trade Route and the Corellian Trade Spine. It was most famous for its vast markets and villages. Soon after the battle of Hoth, the Rodian arms dealer Lernik De'Yago sold an illegally-modified Short Hauler he had stolen, the Nova Whisper, to a ship dealer on Bazaar. The dealer recognized some of the customizations, got rid of them, and auctioned the ship.[2]



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