Bburru Station, which orbited the planet Duro, was the largest of the planet's twenty space cities.


It was long considered the capital of Duro and it was famous for its magnificent artificial forests. Bburru contained also an arboretum which contained a large tree that was native to the surface of Duro but was extinct leaving it the only sample of its kind. The inhabitants of the station were attempting to find a means to clone the tree though they did not succeed in this goal. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Duro became a shelter for refugees, and all supplies meant for those refugees went through Bburru Station. However the operators of the station worked with CorDuro Shipping to keep the supplies from reaching the planet as part of a deal with the Yuuzhan Vong to keep Duro safe. Despite these efforts to protect the planet, however, Bburru Station was destroyed during the Battle of Duro. The station was overseen by the Bburru Docking Authority, and included Duggan Station, Port Duggan, Slip 16-F, and Slip 18-L.



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