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Beak was a male individual who served as a soldier of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry during the Galactic Civil War.


Joining the AllianceEdit

Beak joined the Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, also known as Twilight Company, sometime before the Galactic Civil War. He and Roja were present for the battle of Mygeeto and served Twilight Company through the Mid Rim Retreat.[1]

Escort to HothEdit

Shortly before the Battle of Hoth, Beak was assigned along with Roja and First Sergeant Hazram Namir to escort defected Imperial governor Everi Chalis and Captain Micha Evon, also known as Howl, to Alliance High Command. They were met by Alliance General Philap Bygar who commended Twilight Company for their service. Whilst Chalis and Howl attended a strategy conference with the high command, Roja, Beak and Namir were given duties throughout the Rebel base on Hoth where Roja quickly bonded with the snow speeder technicians and Namir got into a fight with an Alliance Special Forces soldier named Kryndal.[1]

Roja and Beak eventually found Namir again and they told stories of past battles and the incompetence of the base troops. Howl and Chalis returned the next day with news of their imminent departure. However, news came that the Empire had found them and a mass evacuation immediately came into preparation.[1]

Battle of HothEdit

"Gozanti Cruisers. They're bringing walkers"
"You sure?"
"Clamped onto the undercarriage. Only thing it could be"
"Call it in"
―Beak identifying Gozanti Cruisers to Hazram Namir before being told to report it Echo Base[src]

Beak and the other two were deployed to defend against encroaching Imperial scout forces that fanned out from the main attack force. They passed a pair of Macrobinoculars between them and Roja spotted ships overhead. Beak identified them as Gozanti-Cruisers carrying Imperial vehicles to the ground and Namir told him to report it to Echo Base. The walkers were confirmed by Outpost Beta shortly before it was destroyed. Beak also answered Roja's continuous questions to Namir. The contigent of light vehicles overwhelmed the defences and the turrets were reduced to cinder. Without proper defences to challenge them, the remaining Imperial scout forces withdrew and the three were forced to retreat. They found a juggernaut and Roja got it back online. Beak then assisted Roja driving the Imperial vehicle and Namir stayed in the back with a few other survivors.[1]

When they got back to the base, the rebel defences were in full retreat and the main base had taken severe hits from AT-AT shots. A Colonel claimed that the command had taken a hit and the trio made for the base. Beak and the other two later navigated the hallways of the base and found Chalis and an injured Howl. Namir then scouted the hallways and came back with a route to the hanger. The group made for the hanger but were cut off by Darth Vader and his troops. The trio shot at the group and Vader jumped in front of Beak, bisecting him and killing him instantly. Roja then threw a grenade at Vader which was deflected and knocked out Namir. Namir woke to find Roja and Howl dead and Chalis swept aside by Vader and his troops. The two escaped Hoth and went back to Twilight Company.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Beak is a fine soldier, and Roja is...Roja. There are worse comrades to have."
Gadren describing Roja and Beak[src]

Beak was respected as a fine soldier amongst the Twilight troops. Beak was also very intelligent and was able to identify Gozanti-Cruisers from far away.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Beak first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.



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