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The bearded jax was a feline creature. They would often be trained by creature handlers as personal companions. They were also a popular choice of holopets.

Biology and appearanceEdit


A psychotic jax

There were several types of bearded jax, all of which were native to either Rori or the forest moon of Endor. They were mammal herbivores, with a bristly hide. Their hide could be many different colors, including bright orange, but in the wild, their hide was colored white. With the exception of the large mammoth type, jax did not grow to be exceptionally large.

Though there were several types of jax, all of them shared a long beard, and sharp, pointed ears. They had long tails, and four legs with clawed paws. Jax were distant relatives of the kima creatures, which explained their similar appearance.

Although only certain types of jax were known to exist, bio-engineers succeeded in mutating this creature into a psychotic jax. Psychotic jax were not found in the wild, rather they had to be engineered from regular jax DNA. Psychotic jax tended to be more violent than their natural counterparts, but they could still be domesticated as loyal companions. Their appearance was much more intimidating. They had sharp, pointed teeth, longer claws, a series of spikes on their head, and a more vividly colored hide.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jax appeared in the 2003 MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies as domesticated animals, wild animals, or holopets.



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