Bearsh was the Vagaari commander during the Battle of the Redoubt in 22 ABY.


Bearsh masqueraded as a Geroon along with several other Vagaari, tricking a Chiss company led by Aristocra Formbi that included the Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker. They tricked the others into believing they were Geroons, a race that had been enslaved by the Vagaari Empire at the time of Outbound Flight's arrival in Chiss space nearly five decades earlier. The Chiss, whom they called their savior, allowed them to travel to the remains of Outbound Flight in the Redoubt. Once there, Bearsh and his companions revealed their true roots, and attacked, seeking revenge against the Chiss who had nearly wiped out the Vagaari in 27 BBY (though in fact Thrawn, acting as a rogue had battled them). Along with the help of the survivors of the crashed spacecraft, the Jedi defeated the Vagaari, despite the fact that nearly 300 Vagaari warriors were there. Even Bearsh's wolvkils were no match for the Jedi, and the General was killed. Not long afterward, the remaining Vagaari who had fled in one of Outbound Flight's dreadnaughts were captured by the Chiss, thanks to Luke and Mara Jade.



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