The Beauty of Yevetha was a Imperial corvette-type patrol ship. Originally serving with the Black Sword Command, the vessel formed part of Yevethan leader Nil Spaar's fleet after the Yevetha captured it circa 4 ABY.[1]


An Imperial corvette, the Beauty of Yevetha was destroyed during the New Republic's attempt to blockade the Koornacht Cluster-based planet Doornik-319 in 17 ABY. New Republic pilot Rone Taggar sacrificed himself and his personal X-wing recon fighter after being caught by the Beauty of Yevetha's tractor beam, setting the starfighter's self-destruct sequence before it was drawn into a hangar bay, detonating his astromech and the fighter, along with himself. The Beauty of Yevetha was lost in the resulting explosion, along with all hands aboard.[1] Kol Attan, the Yevethan proctor of defense, was summarily rendered a to-mara, a shamed one, by Yevethan leader Nil Spaar for failing to take into account Taggar's choice of actions.[1]

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"According to Ayddar, the order of battle for Black Sword includes forty-four capital ships which we have not seen nor heard of since the fall of the Emperor. None smaller than a Victory-class Star Destroyer. Three are Superclass vessels."
―The quote that raises the question of the Beauty of Yevetha's class[src]

The Beauty of Yevetha appears in the novel Shield of Lies by Michael P. Kube-McDowell, in which the ship is featured in a short action segment. The identification of the Beauty of Yevetha as a corvette is potentially anomalous, considering that the order of battle for Black Sword Command, the fleet from which most of the Yevethan-controlled Imperial vessels are purloined in the novel, includes nothing smaller than a Victory-class star destroyer, according to the previous novel, Before the Storm.



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