"Get out of here, Beckgam. Join the others."
―Mattis Banz rescues Beckgam from Fikk[src]

Beckgam was a child from the Outer Rim Territories who ended up as a refugee orphan on the planet Durkteel, where he was taken in by an orphan farm near the settlement of Lund Gourley. Following a journey on the farm's drift shuttle, the Saurin orphan Fikk began picking on Beckgam, who was the smallest and newest member of the farm at the time. The Saurin lifted Beckgam by his arms and used his dangling feet to write rude words in the dirt until Mattis Banz, another orphan farm worker, demanded that the younger boy be let go. Fikk obliged, allowing Beckgam to hide behind a Cerean orphan named Tchock, but threatened to continue his harassment if Banz was not ready to face him. The pair then engaged in a fairly one-sided fight until the drift shuttle pilot Antha Mont intervened to save Banz at which point Beckgam and the others left for the farm.[1]

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Beckgam first appeared in the first book in the Star Wars: Join the Resistance series written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, which was released on March 7, 2017.


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